Hi, my name is Karen Molina

I'm Frontend Developer

I was born and rised in Mexico since I was a child, I remember being into science. I used to want to be a biologist, so I studied biology at UNAM. But when I was study biology, I discovered a lot of authors that wrote about humanities, pholosophy, and anthopology. In consequence, I dropped Biology and started to study social anthopology at UAM. One day I woke up with curiosity about FS, and I using it since there, so I wrote my research about it. Then I discovered many FS communities and realized that many of the contributors where engineering students or graduated engineers. It was there when I started to leadn about coding. My first approach was with Arduino, since there, I'm really into digital cultural issues. I'm teacher on many workshops STEAM that I develop. I'm a contributor to many foundations, schools, and organizations. Since 2018 I'm a web developer. Currently, I'm a frontend developer at Fintech Startup.

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